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Training courses

Professional education gives you an opportunity to get more profit on FOREX.

Just as in any field of activity there is a particular system and philosophy of making profit on Forex. The foundation of your success lays in giving right decisions and applying proper trading strategies.

Universal trader course has been designed for those who want to become a successful trader on Forex. By attending this course you will be able to trade on a real market in a professional way.

Universal trader

199 Μ

Term: 4 weeks | Duration: 10 hours  | Certificate: Yes

Trading Practice is a training program designed for current and potential traders to teach them practical application of analytical techniques. The course allows you to improve your ability to predict the market more accurately and fast, providing you with practice of analysis.

Trading Practice

199 Μ

Term: 2 weeks | Duration: 5 hours  | Certificate: Yes

Audience of this course is being taught proper forecasting of Financial Markets and evaluation of global events using general economic indicators.

Fundamental analysis

79 Μ

Term: 2 weeks | Duration: 5 hours  | Certificate: Yes

The course is prepared to teach practical application of technical indicators and graphs for analysing price movements in the market.

Technical analysis

399 Μ

Term: 4 weeks | Duration: 10 hours  | Certificate: Yes

If you want to learn to forecast future price changes in the market and get successful results then join Elliott Wave professional course.

Elliott Wave

499 Μ

Term: 2 weeks | Duration: 5 hours  | Certificate: Yes

Attending this professional course you will learn how to get free from fear, hesitations and wrong conclusions which appear during trade. Discover a new world of financial markets where price changes show you the way of taking right decisions.

Chaos Theory

1499 Μ

Term: 2 weeks | Duration: 5 hours  | Certificate: Yes

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