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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions.

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– How do I open an account?

All you need to do is to visit Demo and Real accounts opening sections on Regal Broker official website and start to trade.

– What is the minimal deposit amount for opening a trading account?

Opening a demo account is absolutely free. The minimum required deposit amount for opening a trading account is $ 100.

– Which financial instruments can I use to make trading operations?

Regal Broker helps you join the International Forex markets and trade with more than 100 currencies, Gold, Silver, Oil, precious metals, commodities, International Corporation shares and stock indices.

– How am I going to perform my trading transactions?

Trading platforms which can be downloaded for free from our website allows you to trade easily from any place where internet is available.

– How much commission do I have to pay?

You will not pay any commissions for the trading operations.

– Which additional services may I use after I open a trading account?

  • Daily news and analysis
  • Consultation
  • Trading platforms user guide
  • Training and courses

How to become a successful FOREX trader?

If you want to become a successful FOREX trader you must possess primary knowledge about it. As a result of wrong use of trading platforms some Forex participants may sustain financial loss.

What is the difference between FOREX and stock exchanges?

The main difference between Forex and stock exchanges is an opportunity to trade 24 hours 5 days a week without having to look for a buyer or seller. You can get a lot of profit while trading with little amount of funds.

Is it possible to get a real profit on the market?

Of course, there are many traders who increase their income by trading with little amount of funds. You can get acquainted with them right in our office. These traders have necessary knowledge of professional analysis, trading psychology and practice.

– Once the necessary skills and knowledge on Forex are acquired is it real to earn more on this market?

Yes, the main purpose of training courses is a professional preparation for real exchange trade.

– Is the knowledge gained after trainings sufficient for making good profits on the real market?

The topics taught on the courses cover skills of technical analysis and trading techniques which are widely used by the successful traders all over the world. All you need to succeed on a real exchange is to improve obtained knowledge.

– When trading I usually feel concerned and nervous. How can I overcome this?

The way to become free of worries lays in getting practice and psychological readiness for market trade. You can improve psychological preparation by attending our training courses.

Which trading strategy is considered to be more successful?

Each trader has his own trading strategy. A well-thought strategy helps to get more profitable results. Many traders prefer to trade in the short term while others use long-term strategies for a successful trade.

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