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Commodities trading conditions

Go long or short on the latest commodity opportunities.

Speculate on the price of precious metals, energies, agricultural products, and more. With Regal Broker, you can add a range of hard and soft commodities to your portfolio. Take advantage of tight market spreads and leveraged trading when you buy and sell commodities through your Regal Broker account.



The spread of a CFD is the difference between the ‘bid’ (buy) and ‘ask’ (sell) price of an instrument. This is the only cost charged to you when trading forex with Regal Broker.


When trading commodities with Regal Broker, you can use leverage to multiply your overall exposure to the market without committing additional capital up front. Leverage can multiply the outcome of your trades.

Spreads displayed are for our standard STP account and indicative in nature. Actual spreads may differ based on your type of account and market conditions.

To see a complete list of Regal Broker spreads, margins and leverages, click here.

Spreads and Conditions

XAUUSDMetals – Gold18
XAGUSDMetals – Silver15
NGNatural Gas9